Our Programs, aim towards mental, physical and social wellness of an individual

1) Self improvement programs: (SIP)


Overall improvement with help to get closer to the desired goal. Levels are designated/suggested as per severity of the concerned problem.
a) SIP 1: Level 1
b) SIP2: Level 2
c) SIP 3: Level 3


I suffered from cervical slip disc with the radiating pain in my arm which was severe. After steroids and physio the relief was not to my satisfaction.
My friend and colleague referred me to you and I have been practicing your techniques.
My pain eased off and I became more self-confident.
I thank you for everything.



A friend referred me to Mrs. Anuradha who taught me various techniques. Initially I found it challenging to sit still and do them, I believed in Anu’s guidance and persisted. Now a year later, I can happily say that I don’t like to miss practising even for a day. I begin my day with the practise and it gives me the confidence to go through the day. Practising her techniques has increased my resilience, confidence and made me positive even through most challenging situations and days.

Her techniques work like magic and keep me calm and composed while having difficult dialogues at work. Thank you so much!

Mrs. KA

2) Shree programs:


a) Shree Sanjeevani: Focus on specific health issues.
b) Shree Tatva: To help improve prosperity.
c) Shree Poorna: To achieve Prosperity + health + relationship issues


Various positive effects that I observed post beginning of the course include relaxed atmosphere at home, reduction in anger and impatience, No urge to smoke, Increase in confidence and patience levels, Positive outlook, Peaceful thoughts, reduced conflicts.

Thanks & Regards
Mr. GB
MBA Finance.
(opted for shree tatva)


Dear Ma’am

The below are the positive effects that I have observed post starting the Exercise as suggested:

Improved atmosphere at home, Living and enjoying the present, increase in work efficiency, Better relation with my daughter, positive outlook.

Mrs GV
Chartered Accountant
(opted for Shree Sanjeevini)


2 years back suddenly there were sudden health issues; I couldn’t even walk for 10 minutes, couldn’t breathe properly or climb stairs or even climb small slopes. I was started on medications but it just gave me temporary relief . My relative referred me to Mrs.Anuradha Babu,  from IMPACKT. I visited her and shared my problems. She guided me to take ‘SHRI SANJEEVNI ‘ course, where she completely focused on the improvement of my health with help of various techniques. I followed all her instructions religiously and now I am very happy. Lots of improvement I observed are that I am able to easily climb stairs, walk without breathlessness, can perform my work and reduction in dosage of my other medications

I am really glad of taking up this course and also thank maa’am for helping out my mother-in law in terms of health issues and husband in coping with stress.
Thank you

Mrs. RT
(opted for shree sanjeevani)

3) Student Programs:


They are student centric, tailored courses for students to help to get closer to their goals and ambitions.


Firstly, I would thank you for your support and guidance as it has changed my life. I am able to identify myself as an individual now. You showed me the reality and right path. For the position I was in 75%is the greatest achievement for me. After our sessions I was feeling more and more confident and motivated and at that time I set my goal. This achievement was possible because of you, my parents and god. Thank you once again. And I hope I will succeed in my life and make you proud.

Ms. JK
(opted for student program)


Respected Madam/Sir,
I’m a student and I’ve faced a fair few obstacles and problems caused by multiple reasons- family problems, lack of friends led to me being subject to depression. I lost belief in myself along with all faith. My grades had dipped down and my behaviour had become aggressive.

But with the help Mrs. Anuradha Babu, I slowly began to heal. She taught me techniques to practice everyday along with motivational direction. She helped me deal with anger, fear, anxiety, etc. She did her best to understand me and see situations from my point of view to help me.

I faced a lot of pressure from my family to score very high percentage(90+) in the Boards Exam. She helped me focus and stay strong. As a result, I scored 92%.

She is someone I know I can trust and has helped me to become a greater version of myself. She has helped me become strong and confident.

I thank her for helping me to not lose hope.

Yours sincerely,
Ms. CM
(opted for student program)

4) LOTUS: A mutual support group:


A mutual help and support group that encourages new concepts, ideas and services along with Business Skill development. Our main motto is ENCOURAGE, ENABLE, EMPOWER and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.


This is my observation over the years in my wife Mrs. TTM that she has evolved a lot in all the aspects related marketing and personal development.

Her Confidence, concentration, patience, communication, market analysis has improved leaps and bounds.She also participated in exhibitions which have boosted her confidence immensely. Concentration has improved due to practicing of Meditation. Which help her in keeping herself temper cool in negotiation. Her way of presentation to the client has changed drastically, her language, speech and technicality expertise has improved a lot which help her to increase the business.

This is all possible due to Mrs.Anuradha Babu who is a friend, philosopher and guide. Her constant follow-up with her and all the help regarding marketing of the products as well as day to activity, because of this she has benefited a lot. We also thank Mr. KSS Babu for his guidance in marketing and establishment.

We sincerely thankful to Mrs.Anuradha Babu for more than 8 years of her guidance.

We wish her all the best in her life and looking forward to continue support from her.

Mr. TM
(Husband of mrs. TTM who opted for LOTUS-SH)

5) Art of Counselling workshops ;


One can be trained to pursue as a Counsellor under IMPACKT by opting for participating in the following workshops followed by series of actual training of individuals / groups arranged by the said trainees during the first year, post workshops :


Metaphysical counselling workshops :-


Program 1 – Workshops duration two months period,

Program 2 – Workshops duration the two months period,

Program 3 – Workshops duration  the three months period.


Personology workshops :- (for the purpose of Counseling)


a) Covering Basic principles,

b) Covering Advanced principles


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