Young IMPACKT : An Extended Arm..

As an extension of our activities we have set up- YOUNG IMPACKT to carry out varied activities for overall development of the Youth. It is established of, for and by the youth.

We at the Youth Club would help in the maximal overall development of students by Providing opportunities, activities and means of pruning their talents in various spheres

  • Increasing interests in academics as well as extra-curricular activities among students
  • Dealing with mental wellness along with physical and social wellness thus enabling overall evolution.
  • Organizing events to identify potential in unconventional fun ways
  • Organizing self-improvement and self-development programs.
  • Development of life skills along with technical skills thus helping to cope better with the competitive world outside.

Young IMPACKT team consists of:-

Dr K S Uthra – Chief Coordinator and Core committee member, Young IMPACKT

As a budding surgeon she has always extended support to the progress of the youth.




Dr Mahima S – Chief Coordinator and Core committee member, Young IMPACKT

As a doctor she has always believed in the power of the youth and helped in youth empowerment.




  • Yashvi Gala – Personology Counsellor (trainee) & Chief coordinator : Artistic Blends (Event Management and Organization)

From childhood, Ms. Yashvi Gala has experienced and benefitted through various IMPACKT programs that increased her desire to take part as a trainee personology counsellor at Young IMPACKT. Now , she is the chief coordinator of Artistic Blends , a platform for event presentations and organization, that is also an extended arm of IMPACKT.



  • Ashish Maru : Personology Counsellor(trainee) & Co-ordinator at Artistic Blends.

This young tech- savvy psychology student who has also benefitted from IMPACKT programs has always had a passion to help people and achieve overall wellness, in his peer group. He is also an inseparable part of Artistic Blends and has always supported IMPACKT’s endeavours.




  • Mr. Vedant Ranadive : IMPACKT Personology counsellor (trainee)

As a budding poet, aspiring writer , photographer and psychology student this Young Impackt committee member has always believed in building a personality with strong character rather than achieving superficial success. He has learnt similar concepts of holistic development from IMPACKT and wishes to propagate the same.


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